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Guys, just a few days is the celebration of Holi. Holly cultural and traditional festival for us, which we are all extremely happy to celebrate with families and friends.Firstly I want to wish you and your family to Happy Holi 2017. Before telling about this festival, I want to share something about the origin of this festival that why people celebrate this festival every year? And What is the reason of celebrating? The primary role of Bhakta Prahlada back to commemorate a festival.A demon king Hiranyakasipu was a long time ago. Prahlad was his son, and Holika was his sister. King has blessed that he could not kill a human or animal, nor any weapons or weapons, not inside or outside the house, not the day nor at night. Hiranyakasipu because of the immense power of God rather than God himself and was proud to be understood as well, including his son, would give instructions to their worship. Because each side was his fear, so all the people worshiped him, but Prahlad was a devotee of Lord Vishnu.Hiranyakashyap irritated by the behavior of son.Hiranyakashyap and his sister planned to kill him. His sister Holika, Prahlad to sit in your lap and ordered the fire.Not consumed by the fire of burning bonfire went to receive the gift on the other, do not touch Dev Bhakta Prahlada fire. Since then the name of Hinduism bonfire started by people. This we see as the victory of good over evil.On this event, people also celebrate it by sending Holi messages Hindi,happy holi text messages and holi greeting messages in english. You can also send it to your friends and family.

Holi Messages In English

This festival is also called the festival of colors. Hindu religion in India is celebrated every year with great fanfare. The festival each year during spring Phagun (March), which comes in the month of Diwali festival is like going to be the happiest. It is celebrated every year on the first day of the month of Chaitra. The full nature and the environment are the beautiful and colorful sight.On this day all school, office and all the institutions remain closed so that people could celebrate this special occasion with one another. The people all day and ignored social discrimination spraying colors on each other, and the child is throwing balloons and Pickarion color filling others. Share the joy with delicious dishes and confectioneries express the we are updating for you some lovely holi messages in hindi, holi messages in English for friends and happy Holi picture messages.This is a festival of happiness and good fortune to all who enjoy life and brings real colors. All through the colors of the ends distances.holi messages

I May Not Put Colours On Ur
Face In This Colourful Festival,
But I�m Praying God To Add
More And More Colour In Ur Beautiful Life..

May God gift you all the colors of life,
colors of joy, colors of happiness, colors of friendship,
colors of love and all other colors you want to paint in your life.

holi messages

I may not put colors on your face on this colorful festival
but I am praying to God to add more colors to your beautiful life.

holi messages

May the joy, cheer, Mirth and merriment
Of this divine festival, Surround you forever.
May the happiness, That this season brings
Brighten your life, And, hope the year
Brings you luck and Fulfills all your dearest dreams!

holi messages

Holi Messages in Hindi

Holika Dahan, the next day all the people on the occasion of the feast of all your friends, family, loved ones meet, spread the colors and play with each other, as well as take part in many actions that demonstrate love for one another. On this festival, people play music and dance together. This day people want to wish their friends and family SMS. Here we bring you lots of holi messages for Facebook, holi messages with images latest holi message and holi messages 2017 you can send it to anywhere whatever you want and make your event much better.holi messages

Gulzar khile hon pariyon ke
Aur majlis ki tyari ho
Kapdon par rang ke cheeton se
Khushrang ajab gulkari ho.
Pyar sneh samrpn dular mohabt
sdbhawna sdvichar in saat rango ki
rhe bauchar aj ka din laye apke jevan
me strangi bahar.happy holi messages

holi messages

Lal gulaabi rang hai,
Jhum raha sansar hai,
Suraj ki kiran khushiyon ki bahar,
Chand ki chandni apno ka pyar,
Shubh ho aapko yeh Rango ka tyohaar.

holi messages


Above these lines, we are providing you our best collection of funny holi messages, holi messages for lovers happy and happy holi messages you can send it to anyone and we hope that which you provides you it will be good for you. If any complaints and suggestions please comments below it will be very useful for us. Thank you.

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